Reflections On Purple Day 2012

So… it is the day after Purple Day 2012.  Yesterday I wore my Anita Kauffman T-Shirt and my purple Buff headwear… I was reflecting on Adam’s week last week in the video EEG room… trapped… with only marginal responses.  The doctor suggested it would be a good idea to take pills.  Skinny butt said that, if he had another big seizure, he would, but unless he had one, or could have a definitive diagnosis, he would not take them.

Jump forward three whole days.  Ironically… on Purple Day… the International Epilepsy Awareness day… He had another major seizure.  He went to spend the day with his friend at a local large university.  It was a day like any other.  Late afternoon… my cell phone rings.  It’s Adam.  Adam NEVER calls me.  He texts me… he sends me jokes… he never calls…

My first thought… he got hurt or mugged…

Nope.  He had a seizure.  Sixty miles from home.  Thirty miles from me.  I know he’s 20, but he’s my little boy.

How do I find one skinny little (6 feet tall) boy on a huge college campus?  You keep calling since he is awake and kind of alert and see if he can help you navigate.  Fortunately his friend got out of class and helped, too.  I was never more relieved than when I saw them walking across campus… his friend steering him the way I used to when he was little and playing with his game boy.

So… now we start the Lamictal and see if that keeps him from seizing again… and we start counting officially… we are one day seizure free for him… 19 months seizure free for Amandya… the adventure  continues…


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