On My Angel Girl’s Mind

This is a note that she wrote last night on facebook…

It says a lot… and it makes me smile and makes me cry…

Hugs Angel Girl


Recently I stopped asking “Why Me”, why does it have to be that get diagnosed with everything. Instead now a days I ask myself “Why not Me”, to be honest I rather all this happen to me than too the ones I care about most. I know through everything that I am strong enough to overcome this and come out stronger (emotionally and physically) and I rather not see my friends or family have to deal with everything. They all have there own problems to deal with in day to day life that having something like a disability would slow them down and make life harder on them. Sure some of them do have Disabilities such as Diabetes, RA, Asbergers syndrum….ect. but that’s all they have, only having to deal with one thing out of there normal day to day rutiene (sp). Not saying that those arent hard to deal with I can imagine they are heck I could be diagnosed with something like diabetes from the protein in urine or it could be worse. What ever happens to me I’m ready to face it full force….I will not let any of my disorders slow me down.

Wise(ish) man once told me: “You’re expectations are the one’s that matter, keep challenging yourself.”

Meaning don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do just because you aren’t mentally like everyone else, choose your own expectations and prove the assholes who told you that you can’t or stopped you from doing something because you were “different” and they were scared to let you do an obstacle; that you you are just like everyone else that you can do what everyone else does just as well if not better than them. Challenge yourself set goals that take time to accomplish never let someone who is supposedly superior to you stop you from challenging you strengths and getting stronger on your weaknesses. You are just like everyone else and you are strong and can do ANYTHING in the word you want too; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


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