Osteochondritis Dissecans Support

Well, fine.  I went hunting Epilepsy Support when we started THAT part of our adventure… and I found support.  I found some amazing people that I could connect with (Hugs Kim and Kaitlin and Kathryn and Susan and Andrea and everyone) and talk and listen and rant and rail… and learn… I have been hunting for days for something SOMEWHERE that I can do something like that with osteochondritis dissecans.  The only thing that ONCE upon a time was there doesn’t seem to be there anymore.  And the one Facebook site was opened, 10 people like it and one of them seems to be maybe a doctor who is spamming the rest… One kid tried to post in December and the tumble weeds are blowing through the page.

I’m stressing.

I’m not stressing as much as Amandya is.  She is really worrying.  She is seeing all of the worst case scenarios that might possibly happen to her in this new adventure.  I would love to find people (even if it is rare… 30 in 10,000) who have been down the path (tangled and confusing though it may be) who I can rail at and talk to and who can tell me that everything is going to be okay.

I know I’m the eternal optimist and Mary Sunshine and Pollyanna and all the rest, but someone has to have gone through this who isn’t a doctor and who isn’t a hospital who can help pave the way…

Or maybe not… maybe this is my new flag to wave…


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