TSO’s Beethoven’s Last Night

For Mother’s Day, we went, last night, to TSO’s Beethoven’s Last Night.  As everything TSO does, it was incredible.

It struck me, though, that until you have to realize and understand, you really don’t.

I watched my squirrel girl most of the concert, just making sure she was okay.  She was.  And… feeling kind of stupid… I watched people in the audience.  They were okay too…

Why was I keeping half an eye out even while I was loving the two hour concert?  (The story, incidentally, was awesome… every bit as good as the Christmas concerts)… Until you realize, personally, that the light show may cause seizures in sensitive people, you really don’t REALIZE it.

The music is amazing.  The light show is amazing.  But I think there should maybe a word to the wary that it is possible.  I did a search this morning and I didn’t find anything except posts that ticked me off… “may cause seizures in the weak”… REALLY… people with epilepsy are not weak.  If anything they are actually stronger in so many ways because of what they have to go through every day… eesh…

I don’t want to dump on TSO… quite the contrary… they are truly incredible musicians… and I don’t want to single them out… I know they are not the only ones that use this kind of amazing light show… but It is a general commentary… people need to be cognizant of taking people to concerts… I didn’t even THINK ahead of time that they use the lights that they do (and we had been to TSO concerts before) that if Squirrel had been sensitive to lights we could have been carrying her out. I feel like such an idiot for not thinking… not realizing.  I know that it doesn’t affect her… I KNOW it doesn’t… she plays with strobe lights just to mess with her friends’ heads.  But what if it did and what if she was and what if I had gone NOT thinking…

That said… it really was an amazing concert and the story made me smile and laugh and cry.

Amandya?  She spent the concert enjoying the concert and texting her sweety.  She found someone who appreciates her wonderful qualities and understands seizures and what to do even before they became an item.  makes a moms heart smile.


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