On Mother’s Day… Moms Rock…

Okay… so… I’m quiet for… ENTIRELY too long… then… POW… way too much writing all in one day… eeesh.

I simply HAVE to share this though… (too much capitalization?… tough!)

Was cruising Facebook this morning (before anyone around the house got up…) and I got redirected to the blog of a mom of a special needs kiddo.  His name is Max and he has Cerebral Palsy.  The blog, Love That Max, is awesome.  Two posts, about moms, are great to make moms of special needs kids (and any mom who needs to be reminded that she is doing a wonderful job) are great to read… and re-read… and re-read…

Top 20 Reasons Moms of Kids With Special Needs ROCK



we really do kick butt.  Moms do… Moms of Special Needs kids SO INCREDIBLY do…

I read these posts and think about my babies.  I think about my my niece and her needs and her very special mom.  I think about my mom and realize that now I’ve become one of her special needs kids not just one of her kids.  I think about all of the wonderful moms I know and who I have come to know through our adventures in special needs (mine, the kids… a whole passle of special needs… and the special needs I’ve been slogging through as the adventure we are walking progresses).

Here is sending virtual hugs to all the moms out there… and special warm and understanding hugs to the moms of special needs people.


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