It is SAT day.  She got up this morning and was cramming for the test.  She is way stressed but she is actually pretty confident.

She had Peanut Butter sandwich and coffee for breakfast… her blood sugar was 99.

I haven’t been posting much… I’ve been stressing about her a lot.  Here PCP is driving me out of my tree and I am trying very hard to not dwell on what might be happening rather trying to concentrate on what is… Stupid, I know… but it is what it is.

She has just three weeks to go (Feb 11) till she hits her 6 month mark.  She is finding her confidence and is starting to believe that she might actually make it.  It is kind of interesting that her 6 month mark will be just days from her one year mark from when she was diagnosed.  That comes the day after the half marathon.  Hmmm…

What has been up with the squirrel…

Other than thinking about a career in law enforcement and classes at what she hopes will be Penn State… we have been dealing with uncertainty of her blood sugar.  She has been feeling very off a lot of days and her blood sugar levels (we are down to taking them just first thing in the morning most days) are really stupid… which has me stressing.


This is normal?  According to the PCP it is nothing to worry about because we TOTALLY OBVIOUSLY got an incredibly sucky meter that TOTALLY is always wrong and is always apparently randomly wrong… not just off compared to their numbers… it just makes them up as it goes.

Of course their HIGH QUALITY meters took 11 pokes to get ANY reading and one of them never would read anything… but ours sucks.  Totally?  Really?  Really Really?  Lord.

I will be glad to get into the ENDO mid February (more ominous things?  Makes you think) to see what might be going on.  I can’t believe that “it is nothing” is a DOCTOR’S answer when a reading is 247.  Even if the meter reads higher than theirs and even if it isn’t perfect, I would say it still trends reasonably accurate to itself and that is a number to make you think… coupled with the fact that when her numbers are high she feels crappy even before we take the levels….

So you see it has been a frustrating few weeks…

But today is a good day.  A positive day.  She is taking the SATs and she is starting to look forward to life.  This is a good thing.


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