Starting To Turn Austin Half Marathon Purple

Went for a ‘run’ this morning.  It’s 40 degrees.  It’s raining.  I’m determined to be ready for the half marathon on February 20th… one day shy of the seizures that led directly to Amandya’s diagnosis.  With any luck at all… 9 days after we reach the 6 month mark.

Saying that I know is tempting fate…

My ‘run’ this morning wasn’t as long as I was hoping, but the cold got to my problem child arm and I caved.  I made it just over 3 miles.

I’m pulling together my outfit for the run.  Shirt is coming in the mail that I will wear… I’m keeping an eye out for Dankin leggings… tights… whatever they are called… that are purple.  I have purple socks that I think will be good enough to keep my feet warm… and my hoody shoud be here either today or first of the week… yay.

It kind of irritates me that epilepsy (since we have an epilepsy foundation somewhat locally) isn’t one of the popular charities… so I am going to be a one woman band wagon.  I keep thinking that, given the fact that I’m ‘running’ with feet considerably puffy and wrists that ache on a good day, maybe my being in your face would be a good thing… at least inspire someone other than Adam (who seems to think I’m a big deal anyway)…

all in due time.


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