We Have To Find A Way For This To End

I have been incredibly pre-occupied with Amandya and our latest drama (which I probably ought to start to chronicle here too… )… her blood sugar has started to weird out… and I have been distracted from paying attention to the world around me.  This morning, thanks to Facebook friends (Amandya makes fun of me because I have so many friends I have never met… but I have some incredible friends that I just… have never seen in person) I was reading this post this morning…

Yes, I completely understand that some people think that… It’s only fits, get over it and live with it.  I understand that this is one of MY flags and it isn’t one of everyone’s flags to wave.
But he was THREE YEARS OLD.  Three…
I can only imagine what this family is going through this new year…
We have to find a way to stop this.
I know Epilepsy isn’t popular.  It isn’t one of the glamorous diseases.
Susan… I’m grabbing this paragraph from your blog because it is very eloquent…
Epilepsy is the least funded disease in the country more than any other illness and that is just TOTALLY UN-ACCEPTABLE in my book. 50,000 people die from Epilepsy each year and that is more than most of the worst kinds of CANCER combined again I ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE!!!! It’s time we took a stand and really start spreading the word and awareness that this is serious and that unless we do something to get the necessary funding and FIND A CURE we are going to continue as Parents burying Children.
FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE die every year from Epilepsy.  That is equal to HALF the town I live in now.  That is FIVE TIMES the size of the town I grew up in… EVERY YEAR.
You can FIND YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE here (go ahead, click it, it will open in a different window or tab).  You click your state… enter your zip code and click a button… it took me to a email form letter page you can fill in with my concerns.  It works best if you know your 9 digit zip code.  If you don’t… it takes you to a place where you can find it then go back and enter it in… Email… it will cost you TEN minutes of your time… not a dime other than what you are already paying to be on whatever computer you are on anyway (the gas to the library… the internet charge… the phone bill on your smart phone…whatever… not thing extra.
Contacting Congress is another Site to get to the same Congress people
Congress.org gives you not only information on your Congress person (based on your address) but also contact information to the Congressional Leaders (for both the Senate and the House)
Senators can be found on United States Senate page… many of them have direct links to their web forms to fill out the information you want them to have.
LET THESE PEOPLE KNOW we need to fund epilepsy research.  We can not continue to let our children die NO MATTER HOW OLD our children are.  Too many people have uncontrolled seizures.  Too many people are dying as a result of their epilepsy
It will take each person maybe an hour… and if you have to actually write a physical letter, it will take less than $2 to send the letters.
This matters.

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