Everyone Needs a Little Support

Round Rock is a city of 105,412 (roughly, as of 2009)
Georgetown has 50,885
Our local support group said that all three of the families who come to the local meetings (local as in 35 miles away) are pretty locked into their group.  that is wonderful.  they found a place that fits…
okay.. but if you do the math, I’m pretty sure that there are a few more people in the area who MIGHT actually have family members who have epilepsy or who have epilepsy in their family… a few more than the three people who are tied to the support group 35 miles away.  I understand that a group that has the support of the really big fancy hospital is great and that people from MILES away come there… but with gas back to nearly $3 a gallon and time more and more precious to some of us who would rather spend the time with our peeps rather than commuting to a place where peeps meet… I would think that maybe a closer alternative might be welcome.
Did you know that epilepsy isn’t picky about who it affects.  There are actually people who don’t have access to reliable transportation to get them to the Children’s Hospital and back once a month even if it means meeting with people who understand and who can relate.  Even if it means Pizza and Coffee and Pop.  I make the drive every blessed day to work and back and I don’t WANT to turn around after I go home to pick up my daughter (who is the most effected by seizures since she is the one who has epilepsy) and drive the whole way back into town to meet with people no matter how understanding those people are… no matter the number of impressive experts they have (duh… they are AT the hospital) willing to talk.
Frustrated?  yeah, just a little.
So here I am.
I know that I can not create a 5k single handed… I have found entirely too many roadblocks with that.  And as the economy gets worse, fewer people are willing to cough up money to help.  Maybe i will be able to help with the 5k that they might possibly maybe be planning for may not too far away.  Which is good and which I look forward to… to being in or helping with or whatever I can do to make epilepsy more understood.
In the mean time… I am here, frustrated because people don’t get it… don’t understand… don’t realize…
So… here I am… looking for venues for meetings. And I’m looking for sponsors to help with the snacks… and speakers…
I am going to find a way to give local people who can’t get to the established meetings an alternative… a way to meet with people who share their concerns.  A way to feel like they matter too.


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