Danny Did…

We are sitting at the 122 day mark.  The treasured driving school prize is actually starting to feel like it might happen.  It is the holiday season and we made it home to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving without any kidney stone issues or any seizures.  It was a Thanksgiving to treasure for so many reasons.

Since we have been home, I have been participating in Kaitlin’s Cauze’s trivia contest.  Frankly it has been keeping me sane through my own personal insanity the last week or so.  Kaitlin is one awesome little girl… young woman… advocate.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her.  Right now, stuff (crap, expletive, live, whatever) seems to be stepping between me and what I know in my heart I need to be doing… and it is irritating to me.

Through this trivia contest, I have been learning so much about so many wonderful people who are somewhere along the same road that we are on.  I have been able to help at least on family at least a little bit.  One little boy I learned about in all of this trivia adventure is Danny and the Danny Did foundation.

Danny Stanton died one year ago tomorrow from a seizure that happened while he was sleeping (SUDEP).  He was four years old.  His family started the Danny Did Foundation to help prevent seizure related deaths… which ultimately means the cure for epilepsy because that is really the only way to forever stop it from happening.

So far, Amandya has only had seizures in the middle of the afternoon so I have not ever faced the fear of a night time seizure.  Danny’s only occurred at night.

Danny, with his beautifully open smile, DID enjoy his life…

Danny Did Enjoy His Life.  Go and Live and ENJOY yours.

Nike and Mariann, my heart goes out to you.  I applaud you and know that Danny touches more lives that you could ever realize.


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