On Limitations…

Why is it that people think people with epilepsy need to limit what they do to such a great extent?  Good grief… Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo) had epilepsy and she was arguably the fastest woman of all time and an Olympic athlete.  That pretty much means that running may not be one of somebody’s triggers… it might, and that doesn’t discount the need to know for sure… but if someone has been running seizure free for months after diagnosis you can probably rest assured that running in a race probably isn’t going to cause issues.

Sometimes epilepsy does accompany other conditions that may limit what someone an do but it usually isn’t the epilepsy that is the limiting factor.

You can swim… if you take obvious precautions of having someone there with you to make sure you are safe if you get into trouble.  DUH… that is what you are SUPPOSED to do anyway.

You can drive a car if your seizures are controlled for a long enough period of time.

You can hold a job… pretty much any job anyone else can hold.  There are exceptions… you can work FOR the military in a civilian position but you can’t be IN the military… this is a situation Amandya is determined to find a way to rectify.

You can ride a horse or climb a mountain or have babies or start their own company or fly a kite or give you a hug (if they will admit that on occasion hugging is ok… grrr… how did I SO get a not huggy kind of kid?).  They can walk the dog and be wonderful leaders.

You know… I see so much prejudice everywhere… There are people who think I’m funny with all of the flags that I have waving them… but you know… stupidity is stupidity and it needs to be stamped out with really big really heavy boots.  There are so many things that do limit what I can do (my chances of climbing Mt Everest are pretty slim between my RA and my asthma…) but I won’t let other people put limitations on ANYTHING that I do or Amandya does or Adam does or anyone I care about.

I guess being “In Your Face” is okay as long as I don’t step on your rights, either or limit what you are able to do.



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