Paying It Forward

This work, the company I work for did a charity event… Pay It Forward. Groups of people were given a pool of money and sent to charities to see what they could do for the given charity with the money without actually GIVING the money directly to the charity. The idea is to see if you can try to partner with other companies (discount department stores, grocery stores, office supply stores, whatever) or try to gather extra money together to try to do the best that they could for the charity.

There were several of us “left behind” to man the company because, let’s face it… when you are in a public service kind of company, you actually have to keep the wheels not only on the wagon, but rolling in circles. I was one of those left behind. As queen of the left behinds (something that somehow they drafted me into without actually telling me ahead of time) I was responsible for making sure that everyone knew to pick up their box lunch (which left MUCH to be desired if the others were like mine) and t-shirt.

Those of us who were left behind, though, were not to be left out of the festivities… we were given a gift card loaded with $25 to do with as we pleased. We had an envelope with instructions in it (what charity did we pick, who was our contact, what did we do with the money) as well as instructions on turning in receipts to accounting to make sure the money went where it was supposed to go and so we can account for it. We could pool the money. We could go off on our own… whatever we wanted to be able to do.

So… I had $25… I figured… man this isn’t going to go very far… so I sent an email… Told everyone I would be working for the Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas (who NOW think it is okay for me to try to do something for them… before I pretty much felt like I was FORCING Them to let me even read their web site… it only took 3 months to get acknowledged as a “member”… THREE MONTHS… but this is actual money… ). Did anyone want to pitch in their cards to help.

Right now… I have 178 dollars to work with and I’m going to be buying Seizure Buddies… from Shadowbuddies in Kansas.  They use these dolls to teach elementary school kids and pre-schoolers and day care kids about seizures and what happens and that being a person with epilepsy doesn’t make you a bad person… it isn’t something that is contagious… it is just… different.

Maybe… maybe if we just teach enough kids when they are young enough, the stigma of being a person with epilepsy will not be so bad.  It will be more like they are just like everyone else.

I hope so.

I keep trying not to cry over the fact that so many people reached out to help me in this.  I don’t know if even ONE person knows just how much what they did with money that wasn’t even actually theirs means to me.  I keep trying to impress upon the people who just kind of shrug it off as… Yeah, okay… but it means so much that the people I work with really care that much… that they can stand me enough to listen, to read my email, to reach back out to me to help.  I have friends… it means a lot…

I am hoping to get a bit more money P-2-P transferred to the card I will be using for this… to get just a little more money for just a few more dolls… maybe make it an even dozen… maybe more… I have a little time to work with… but if not… I will do what I can with what I have… and be incredibly happy.


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  1. Kim
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:52:26

    April, YOU ROCK! 🙂


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