Reflections on The First Day of Epilepsy Awareness Month

82 days since our last seizure… I’m sitting in the quiet darkness waiting to finish up the 24 hour urine collection so we can ship it off to the lab so we can find out what the most likely culprit of the kidney stones is in a 16 year old.

I hate waiting.

Yesterday was work from home day, so I didn’t get to be in your face with my great purpleness.  Today I do.  And today I have to give a presentation to the company president at work, so I not only have to be in your face purple, I have to be presentable at the same time.  I don’t do dress appropriately… I really could use Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s What Not To Wear… I just don’t get it and most days I just don’t care.  Between my aches from RA and my worrying about everything else, I just don’t care so much.  Today I have to care.

Yesterday was the first day of Epilepsy Awareness Month.

I changed my profile picture on facebook to a purple ribbon.  So did my mom.  So did a lot of people which made me smile.  I didn’t realize until late last night (as we were working on peeing in a bottle… ) just what it meant to Amandya to have both mom and grandma change their facebook pictures.

Her comment to me was… oh great, now for a whole month, I’m going to have to actually look at the names on facebook to find out which one of you two posted…

I offered to change my picture (adding another ribbon to the side or something) so she knew which was which and she assured me that it was okay the way it was and that it made her really happy to know how much both of us support her.

There was a little melodramatic drama there… but hey… that’s my kid…

She doesn’t realize that we all support her we just all don’t do the IN YOU FACE thing with causes quite the way that I do right now.  Everyone supports her… everyone is there for her and has her back.  I just am probably (PROBABLY??? yeah, okay) the most vocal.

So I didn’t get seen much yesterday and I didn’t get to be face to face in your face… but I did post on facebook… and here… and I realized that, at least a little… it made a difference.

Now… to go take on the world and see how many Windmills I can take on today!


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