What are the chances of a do-over year?

Trying to get back interested in cleaning.  It isn’t working really well…  I need to get my butt in gear, but right now, I really don’t fundamentally care…  I have decided that I really really want to have a do-over year.  What do you think my chances are of going back to October 2009 and doing the last 12 months over?  For me… I would very much like to find out that the ouchies are really only ouchies and I don’t have to worry for the rest of my life about the damage already done to my joints and the damage that may eventually be done… and will I ever feel completely normal again…

But more importantly for Amandya… man… a year ago she was trying to get over her osteochondritis deiscans and its damage of her knee.  She just about got over that when she found out she has epilepsy… added to the sever sea food allergies… added to migraines… added to having such a totally weird parent…

Today she woke up at 6:30 am (it is Saturday… NO normal teenage girl would be deliberately getting up that early).

She walked down to the bedroom where I was cleaning.  She was stooped over… she said it hurt really badly.  I had her lay on the floor for a bit to see if it would get better or if she would be okay-ish until the Redi-Clinic opened at 9… or even until urgent care opened at 8.  By 6:45 she was in the bathroom throwing up… laying on the floor… throwing up… laying on the floor… in increasing pain.  By 7 we had started getting stuff pulled together to get her taken to either urgent care (if she was still okay) or the ER, which turned out to be the better option.


CAT scan

meds for the nausea

morphine for the pain

diagnosis… kidney stones… more than one in each kidney… one making its journey from her kidney to her bladder.

The next adventure… why my 16 year old daughter is having multiple kidney stones, what kind they are, and what we can do to help her and maybe prevent more.

Man… just in time for her cast to come off.


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