Epilepsy is cheap?

I responded to a post by Seizure Tracker on facebook yesterday (good group… great group to “like”) about what people do to budget for epilepsy related health care.

A psychiatrist posted…

“What u said ,I  as psychiatrist did not understand ?but if u wish ,treatment of epilepsy is v.cheap”

With so much education… he probably should have understood… but… hey.

Treatment of epilepsy is very cheap.

Meds, without insurance, are over $750 a month… unless you have to use one of the diastat gells… that is an extra $500 that month.
Dr appointment, without insurance $285 a visit
Tests… I don’t know…
Psychiatrists?  yeah… about that… if you ACTUALLY are a danger to yourself or others, you can GET help.  You can get in patient help.  If not… not so much.  You can get on a waiting list for a doctor who IS child and adolescent available (most take only adults)… the waiting list is at least a month, most 60 to 90 days.  Many are not taking ANY new patients.  Oh… and those that do take new patients AND will ‘graciously’ accept teens… they probably don’t take insurance so you have to cough up whatever the cost of each visit is and hope like heck that your insurance will reimburse you SOME of it.  Or you can for-go glasses and tooth fillings and your your FSA account money for a few visits.

It’s cheap?  It’s VERY cheap?  really?

Add in that most hospitals and doctors offices don’t actually have free parking and they are all 30 miles away and… hey…

I did get some good information out of it, though… Waivers… I need to investigate waivers…


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