Past the Crisis, Having Fun and Salter-Harris Fractures

It’s been a long month and a wall to wall busy month… but it has been, all in all, a good month.

It is the next best thing to impossible to get any appointment with a psychiatrist that is “in network”.  Actually, there are very few that you can get an appointment with at all, it is extra hard to get an appointment with anyone that is in network.  No one that either takes or specializes in children and adolescents can “fit you in” to their ultra busy schedules in less than 50 days.  I guess if someone actually attempts to kill themselves they will be seen by the people in the hospital but you have to actually attempt it… if you are “ONLY” hurting yourself or only incredibly depressed ant TALKING about killing yourself… well… then… you don’t deserve to be helped by someone who can prescribe meds to help.

We could get in to the psychologist that helped Adam several years ago.  And we have gone to about 4 appointments.  Amandya wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea but she did go talk to him.

I’m not sure what did most to help, talking to her uncle can not be discounted as helping an amazing amount (he has been going to college to be a counselor)  but I’m thinking neither can the b6 and the lamictal.

Whatever has done it, she is pretty much back to being Amandya.  She laughs.  She smiles.  She talks about the future and the future being bright.

I can let the breath out that I’ve been holding.  We are past the crisis… even the psychologist has scaled way back on the appointments and said that she is past the point where we have to worry all the time.

She was promoted to Petty Officer 1st class on Monday of this week.

2 hours later, after she finished practicing with her unarmed drill team, she was horsing around with people from her team and fell.  She caught herself on her arm and now (according to the Urgent Care doctor) it looks like she has a Salter-Harris fracture in her right arm.  Right now, she is parading around with a bi-valve splint on.  This morning we go to have more x-rays at the orthopedist’s office and probably get a cast put on… she wants a purple cast.

Now she is coming to grips with all of the pain in the butt things that having your arm in a cast means… from getting dressed to writing (she’s right handed) to saluting commanding officers.  We have even thought about what happens if she seizes and hits herself with her cast if they put on on.

Yesterday was her neurologist appointment.  He didn’t talk an awful lot, he looked at the healing cuts on her arms (now not even scabs, just scars) and at her face.  He asked about the splint… asked if she was having fun when it happened (at which she rolled her eyes and said that she had been having run right up UNTIL it happened… WHEN it happened it wasn’t such a whole lot of fun).  He said he wasn’t happy that she hurt herself doing it, but that he was really happy that she was having fun and it sounded like life for her was getting better.  She actually smiled in his office.  Now, we don’t go back until December… unless something happens to cause us to have to make new appointments.

It has been quite a month… but it is looking much brighter now.  It has been 49 days since she has had a seizure… we may be on a better mix of meds now… lets hope so.


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