30 days out

Well… it is now 30 days from the last seizure.  It is 3 weeks into school.  It is Saturday and the sun is shining and the grass (after Hermine dumped 6 inches of rain on our side of town) is growing.  Beekman Boys is on Planet Green and I’m actually feeling human this morning.  It’s been another long week, but this time it is my “fault” that it was long and stressful, I wasn’t stressing so much over anyone else.

This week Amandya has started talking about doing (I always hesitate to say running… I walk fast, I don’t run) the Austin Half Marathon in February with me.  She has started to do PT in ROTC and that has improved her mood considerably (between the endorphins from the running and working out and the fact that she can PT and not seize).  It has given her confidence.  The B6 is helping with her mood swings.  I think that between the exercise and the lamictal it has evened out her overall mood.

And we even got our flu shots today (along with the bribe of a caramel macchiato (sp) from Starbucks) and KFC for dinner…

It is a good kind of day.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. mom
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 09:27:36

    KFC? U rock!


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