Fact… The unpredictability of seizures, which last seconds, leads to a lifetime of potential disability.

I think that this is a very true fact.  The seizures themselves can end up being painful (Amandya bites her tongue with every seizure and now often her lip).  They can be painful, post seizure, when they lead to migraines or other side effects.

The unpredictability really is horrible.  For a while, I was almost able to determine when the seizures were likely.  They were, at the beginning, almost reliably at the 25 – 30 day mark.  Then we got the meds to where they are almost regulating the seizures and we went 68 days.  Then… out of the blue… “break through” seizure.

Now… do we start counting over for the chance at our learner’s permit or do we not?  I will have to find out from the doctor sooner or later.  I was happy that with this one there was no dosage raised for the meds.  But still… the inability to predict when they would come out of nowhere remains.  Will it be today?  Will it be tomorrow?  Will it be the first day of school?  Now what?  man… Maybe this time we can make it 90 days or more?  Maybe this time we have it regulated?  Maybe during her driver’s test.


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