It’s Hard, Sometimes, To Not Interfere

I’m sitting here thinking that, I would love to be able to interfere.  I want desperately to go talk to the adults about how stupid they are.  I would love, right now, to simply go unload on these “leaders” who are supposed to have earned respect.  The mood I’m in, though, I would probably just humiliate my kid and embarrass myself.  Sigh.  But I hate seeing her this depressed… this hurt… this disillusioned… especially when I simply don’t understand.

So here I am now… sitting… and trying to figure out how to get my message across in a painfully clear way without either humiliating her or embarrassing myself.  I think I may have a solution… I don’t know if the high schools will buy into it, but my next step is to talk to the school district to see what they have to say… I’m not an expert, but I am one of those unfortunate adults/parents who care.

I’m going to start working on a presentation… one that is geared to students and teachers… one that I can tailor to different audiences (elementary… Jr High… High School) for use in what may be an assembly.  Going into it, I have serious doubts that I will ever present it… but I have to try… I have to figure out how to educate these people that…

People with Epilepsy may not be able to serve, directly, in the military… but they can be leaders and they can pull more than their own weight.

People with Epilepsy are no more scary than any other kid.  This school had its own personal knifing last year… a knifing by a kid who had made threats to several people but none of those threats were taken seriously… I would say that I would be 900 times more likely to bring a law suit armed with that information than I would be for my child having a seizure on a field trip.

People with Epilepsy, who are being successfully medicated to control their seizures are not likely to have a seizure either at home or at school.

Epilepsy isn’t catching

People with Epilepsy have feelings

People who have pulled more than their own weight in the past should not be passed over for positions of responsibility in a class/activity simply because they have had the misfortune of being diagnosed with Epilepsy.

I hate seeing the look of hurt in her eyes.  ROTC has meant EVERYTHING to her… everything.  She has given her all (with the exception of the newly driven into the ground Charlie Company… the booster club… activities after the last election) in everything.  She went in early to participate.  She stayed late to participate.  She pushed herself past what she was supposed to push when her knee was causing her problems so she didn’t let “the team” down.  She drilled alone every weekend in the back yard to be the unarmed drill team shining star.  She practiced bearing and drilling and marching and standing at attention.  She just found out that being the best that you can be doesn’t mean anything to a group when that group decides that you might be just a little more maintenance than they are willing to deal with. She has been teaching herself what she was supposed to learn last year when they learned NOTHING in class.

No Job for you.  You don’t get to lead a class, you don’t get to lead a team, you might be allowed to help out just a bit, but lead… no.

So today, she has decided, her dad is going to go to the school office to request a paper to allow her to change her schedule… to allow her to drop the one thing that has meant the world to her for the last two years.  She is worried that she will now loose most of her friends because they won’t have ROTC in common any more.  I hope her friends are not that shallow… I know a few aren’t and I think some of the ones that worry her aren’t… but I really worry that this will plunge her into a depression that she may need help pulling herself out of.

Funny… watching her fall apart while she was school shopping last night… watching he really really not care… was yet another Day Like No Other.


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