A Trip to the Critical Care Clinic

Well… another eventful day yesterday…

Got home last night and was met with… “mommy… I feel like something besides epilepsy is wrong with me”…

After quite a bit of fishing (and a good bit of dispelling hypochondriac symptoms… ) I found out that a good part of the “what’s wrong” was that she hadn’t gone “number 1” in what she claimed was 3 days.  She had been trying (and she claimed… drinking lots… although it looks like lots might have been a bit of an overstatement) to go but hadn’t been able to.

So… after a little messing around with trying some more… and a little more trying… and discussion… we were off to the most local Class B Emergency Room… in the plaza just about 2 miles away… and after several blood tests and being catheterized and having that analyzed… she was dehydrated… it probably wasn’t 3 days… but it was at least a day and a half, probably close to 2 days. highly concentrated indicating dehydration.  Not to the extent (thank goodness) that she needed IV fluids… but bad enough…

Home again, home again, after a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up pink lemonade and sugary drink mix packets… and we are drinking lots and lots…

Good news… no seizures for 41 days

Bad news… not quite astute enough to clue in her parents that she is having problems until she is having PROBLEMS…

And now… it is a sunny Friday morning…


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