Latest Trip to the Neurologist

Well… it is that time again… time to go visit the neurologist…

I dreaded this trip… but it was better than I anticipated… and harder than I planned.

I got a piece of paper that declares that it is Partial Complex Seizures with Secondary Generalized Tonic Clonic epilepsy.

Dr and I had a heart to heart about calling in on the off hours.  We came to an understanding that, no matter who is on call, if I have to call the on call doctor, the following business day, I will call the office and either talk to Theresa (the nurse) or leave a message for her with everything that we discussed during the off hours calls.

We also increased the keppra to 1000 mg twice a day, coupled with a B6 pill at the same time to help mitigate the side effects… and maybe help decrease the chance of seizures.

And, we are 37 days out from the last seizure and no sign of the next breakthrough seizure.

Wow… okay… so… we are looking promising.  Deep breath…

I’m feeling way more relaxed right now than I have been about all of this in quite a while… I have no doubt that I will, at some time, get kicked back down to reality… but… right now I am feeling pretty good.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 06:11:17

    Yay! Mommy is excited at the news as well. Keep on keepin on.


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