The Puffiness is gone

Prednisone, in sufficient doses, is a good thing.

It has made the facial puffiness go down.

It has made her hungry (not necessarily a good thing all the time, but for a day or two it isn’t a bad thing)

She is much better and her head is in a much better place.

Finally, she is on the down hill swing… on the mend… I can almost relax… or maybe I can just relax a part of my mind.  I still have to worry what it was that set her off… and if we are going to battle it when the prednisone dose goes down.  Could she have gotten into some kind of fish?  Could it be Keprra?  I mean… it was on going for a week… I can only think that one thing was common the whole week… but it is going down and she hasn’t had any benedryl in 9 hours… that is a good thing…

Tuesday we go to the neurologist.  I am kind of psyching myself up for butting heads.  I hate that they can more than triple her keppra dose and not keep that thing in her freaking chart.  They don’t even have the seizures in there that caused the dosage being raised.  I hate to have to go into the doctor appointment feeling confrontational… but I am my kids’ mom (much as I TOTALLY HATE Dr Laura) and I am the biggest advocate my babies have even if they aren’t babies any more… I have to be armed for the battle.

But for now…

It is counting down to methotrexate bed time (no puking… no puking) and hoping to make it through the weekend seizure free.  The longest we have ever made it is 40 days (I worked on my new calendar today…) maybe this time we can make it even more.  One step at a time, one day at a time, one battle at a time…


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