Virtual Hugs

This morning I felt like I was running up against huge walls (and to be honest, I feel like a lot of the walls are still there) but this afternoon I feel less like I’m alone in it.

Today, I have been reading (okay, okay… it has been a totally loafing kind of afternoon… took a nap… running defrag on my netbook… updating virus scan software and backing things up.  I have been trying to organize my nook… just kicking…) and hanging out being on facebook.  I have touched base with people on RA (my disease of choice) and epilepsy (Amandya’s favorite thing to ask god why about).  I have gotten virtual hugs back and given a few.

Reaching out helps.

If anyone who ever reads this is afraid to reach out… don’t be.  it helps.  I promise


Just when you think everything is going down the drain… you get an email telling you that there are actually people that are willing to help.  It looks like the 5k is going to be in Georgetown… and they may be willing to wave the fees for the venue.


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