Little Things Mean A Lot

When you are looking at turning 16 and not knowing when (or even if some days) you are going to be able to get your permit… It is more and more the little things that seem to matter more and more.

Today, It is the 4th of july.  We made it past 28 days…. a reason to celebrate.  It has been rainy so they canceled the fireworks for tonight (not because it IS raining but because it was raining yesterday and it might rain (20% chance) tonight… so naturally they postponed the fireworks until the next Express home game when they can double up with their fire works… lame.

Today is her early birthday party.  Victoria, Vanessa and Michael came to celebrate with her… we didn’t go ALL out… but we did her up pretty well.  Pizza, monster, pop, candy and ice cream cake with elite icing… she is laughing and carrying on like a goon… she is having a wonderful time.  She had her sweet 16 party.  It wasn’t big… but it mattered and she is smiling and laughing and having fun.   It is wonderful to see her having fun.


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