Day 28. July 3, 2010…

Well… It is day 28… 28 days from the pool seizure.

It is a long weekend <yay! holiday weekends> and my goal for this weekend is get through the weekend… mostly… and to clean.  Tomorrow we are having an early birthday party for Amandya… we bought the candy bars and monster last night… and we will get the pizza tomorrow after the party is in full swing.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain on them… they are planning on taking over the back yard.

She has been asking questions about what her seizures are like… I thought since she kept asking that she really wanted to know… probably not a good assumption… so I went and found her a video on youtube that pretty closely resembles the tonic clonic part of her seizures… I’ve explained in great detail the part where she tries to take off her clothes… where she is only partially oriented… where she is more in the (what I’ve seemed to be able to find as complex partial activity) but I’ve never quite been able to capture for her in words or even actions what the MAIN part of her seizure is like… youtube has a video that is almost exactly what happens with her.

So I showed it to her.

She understands, now, what is happening.  What it looks like to other people…

She said that sometimes youtube is a good thing, maybe in this case not so much… she would maybe rather not have known.

guilt sucks…

And here we are… day 28 from the last seizure…. Now comes my time to start worrying… my time to watch and wonder and think and worry.  Is 1750mg the magic number?  Is this going to be the month that we get them under control?  Are we going to get through this month without a seizure?  Or will I be back on the phone trying to figure out what else we can do this time…

If it has to happen this weekend… I sure hope it is today and not during her party tomorrow…


Well, day 28 has come and gone again this month.  Saturday is quietly crawling to a close.  Amandya is napping… Gots a fuzzy friend by my feet.  The rain has ended… and no seizures today.  Maybe the pills in the dosage and configuration are helping?

Now… to figure out what the left side of her face swelling is all about…


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