26 Days And Counting

Sitting here… my shoulder is absolutely killing me… and in two days I get to get meds to help it… it is making me short tempered.  I keep thinking that this whole deal… days like today… make me understand more and more what she goes through.  Mine is physical pain… hers is emotional… mine comes from out of the blue… so does hers… I take 10 pills every Friday night… she takes three a day… This is how I know better than I can relate.  There is a reason…

But, I am thinking a lot today and today makes 26 days from our last seizure (154 until Amandya can get her permit… 154 and counting down).

It is funny how we count down and up to things.  This one I worry the further and further we get from the last seizure.

I wonder if there will be a next one

I wonder when the next one will be if there is one

Will we have one when it isn’t the weekend in the afternoon

what is the trigger

how can I get more people to understand that this is very real and this is isn’t a disease… that this is my baby girl’s reality and it may be her reality for a day, a year, or forever


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