Trying to Decide to Argue with the Doctor

They did the EEG.

The doctor knows best… right?  They have been to school… they KNOW things.

But… maybe they are wrong…

I have been looking at seizure videos on youtube… There are some very courageous people out there willing to put themselves on the line… so to speak.  I have been watching and researching and trying to decide how I tell the doctor that I think he’s wrong.

He says Amandya has Complex Partial… and I guess if the EEG is accurate, maybe by definition (their definition) it is… it is in the right temporal lobe… which makes it a temporal lobe seizure… if the EEG taken the next day is accurate of what is happening during the seizure…

But if you watch what happens in other people’s seizures… I don’t think they are right. I think she has tonic clonic seizures… I almost think they are tonic clonic followed by a complex partial… She is unconscious on the floor (or ground) stiff and thrashing, she is not walking around… yes, her body is doing motions that are not within her control… but that is kind of the definition of seizure… her arms are extended and locked at the elbows… one typically extended over her head the other out straight in front of her or behind her back (depending on how she ends up laying down).

When she comes out of the seizure proper… the eyes rolled back… the jerking and thrashing… then she starts to do the movements that resemble a complex partial… pulling at her clothes… smacking her lips…

How do I tell the doctor I think he is wrong?

I’m not impressed to begin with with how they seem to give a crap that the meds are really REALLY not working… at least they haven’t yet… I’m really not impressed with the fact that she is having wicked mood swings because (I have no doubt) of the meds… I sometimes worry when she is so much in the throws of being COMPLETELY ANGRY that she will hurt herself inadvertently (punching the wall… for example)…

what do I do… how do I help?  Do I find another neurologist


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  1. Kaitlinscauze
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 18:24:34

    Yes, you find another neurologist that you are comfortable with, one that can give you the answers you need, one that you can talk to openly and honestly. ASK QUESTIONS and MAKE them find the answers. Good luck! Prayers heading your way.


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