Traveling Lightly

The more I feel like I got hit by a truck… The more I ache and the more that sometimes breathing aches… The more I realize that I can conserve weight and energy by traveling (even in my day to day to day travel through life in general… ) more lightly.  I didn’t realize just how many things I can do on very small technology.  It is wicked cool.

I can’t do my job from my phone (I am after all a geek and geeks sometimes need a little bit bigger technology… but I am a geek and I now realize that I can make use of technology)… but I can do just about anything else from it…

How can I not invest in apps to make life more simple, more portable, smaller?  I mean, I know that sometimes my wrists and fingers basically… suck… but that isn’t always, and I am learning to use my toys… I even started to learn to use the IPod touch for when I don’t want to have to rely on the ability to be on line… I spent TEN whole dollars on Documents To Go for the touch today… I can create documents and then upload them to evernote and use that as my central location to organize things…. what more can any teeny tiny office need?


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