Feeling like a failure

Not sure if I’m feeling like a failure exactly, or maybe just like everything I’m trying to do is pointless.

We are 3 weeks from our last seizure, so that is good.

Adam is getting ready to graduate, so that is… what it is… good and bad both.

I got my membership accepted at the Epilepsy Foundation (that only took… 3 months).  Really… it takes THREE MONTHS to join a support organization.  I realize they are probably way understaffed but geeze… thanks for being there…

OH… and I got an email (form letter, not even a good mail merge form letter… thanks for the PERSONAL touch… or even PRETENDING you read my mail) from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.  I tried contacting HER back in February (again… it took a QUARTER of a year to bother to read my email) to try to declare March 26 Purple Day in Texas.  I guess I should be flattered that someone as important as she is bothered to even have some peon in her staff send me a response, but… really… if you can’t be bothred to do is sooner, don’t even bother.  All it does is prove how unimportant we, the people who elect you, really are.

OH… and the Visitor’s bureau can’t help me… at all… in any way… with the Purple Day 5k.  We are also not important enough to draw people to stay in hotels, so we don’t count to them.  THIS one I at least kind of understand but I was actually told that we weren’t important enough so we didn’t get any help.

I am not working on the city administration people… with a dejected heart…


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