On Doing What Matters

It’s raining.  Not a cool quiet rain… rather a thundery humid warm rain… BUT a rain that makes the world smell like wet hot blacktop if only for 10 min… until it all washes away.

Today… Today has been a somewhat depressing morning.  My meeting (which I thought I was on time for but which I ended up being late for…) went okay.  Not fantastic, but not bad.  It turns out that Round Rock Purple Day 5K won’t make it into the “woohoo” for the Visitor’s Bureau… because it isn’t likely to drive any hotel revenue and that is what pays for them… but I can put it on their calendar.  AND she did give me some great pointers on where I DO need to start looking.

So I was off to the Administrative offices for the city, where I got some help from them and pointers to where I can get more help (parks and recreation) and advice to wait until December to get back with the city to get the paper work out of the way… I’m a little confused… After I put MONTHS of planning into this… then I fill out the form to see if the city will allow it?  Really?  Great. What happens if they say no?  What do I do then?  By that time I’m in for a penny, in for a pound…  Ah well, it is what it is.

So now, I work on getting with the parks department to see what they say and see if they can help sponsor.

I’m trying really hard to not get discouraged… but today didn’t do much to help.

Add to that the fact that Amandya has been feeling decidedly like people view her (could it be because they have apparently come right out and said it???) as diseased and lacking as a human… great.  Needed that, too.

I have made some in-roads to helping get Adam’s poems published so I guess I shouldn’t feel like a total failure today. AND, I will keep pushing on because today is a day for doing what matters, and both of these things (helping Adam, and spreading the word that epilepsy isn’t a disease, it is a condition and people with epilepsy are no less of a person than people with brown/blonde/red/black/blue/pink/purple/no/insert_hair_color hair are…

Now… to put the information I DID gather into Evernote (Evernote rocks!  AND I splurged on a paid subscription… $5 a month well spent, I think… I love it) and forge ahead.

Anyone have any chocolate?


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