Mother’s Day Eve

It’s quiet and cool…

It’s been a quiet week.  We are back to 7 days without a seizure.   I wonder how far towards 6 months we will make it this time.  I hope this time we can make it all the way.  Maybe by Christmas we can be working on our learner’s permit.

It’s been a short tempered kind of day today.  She is really frustrated at lots of things right now… people thinking she is something she’s not… people expecting her to be something that she’s not… It’s wonderful to see that she’s wanting to evolve into the wonderful young woman she’s becoming… but it is hard for her when people want her to “go back” to being who she was last year…. and she can’t go back and she doesn’t want to go back and not going back isn’t a bad thing.

AND… we are 3 weeks away from Adam graduating… which is making me feel very melancholy…


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