Don’t live in fear

Not don’t be afraid… that is stupid and I can’t even write it without rolling my eyes and grimacing… you are going to be afraid.  You are going to be afraid EVERY SINGLE TIME… but you can’t live in fear.

Living in fear eats holes in your soul… and frequently in your stomach… and it makes you tired all the time.

Yeah, I know.  We are incredibly lucky (not that Amandya would actually think she is lucky if you ask her) in that we have had only a limited number of seizures.  Even just since January you can only count them on two hands (now).  It could be so incredibly much worse.

But what good does being afraid all the time do?

I mean… being afraid of the next one or the one after that or what if… it won’t change anything.  It won’t make the next one not happen.  It won’t change the last one or the meds or the weather or anything…

I am trying so hard to focus on making every day as normal as humanly possible and making sure that we live every day to the utmost.


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