Round Rock Purple Day 5K 2011

I’m getting frustrated.  I know that I’m a type A and that I need to learn patience… but I want to start making forward progress to get the word out that Epilepsy is what it is.  I probably should just decide to circle my wagons and wait until I can get help with organizing a 5K race in Austin.

But I keep reaching out to help and I keep meeting with… nothing much.  I’m getting frustrated by not being able to make any progress.

I’m worried that, if I start this process, I’m going to end up being on the hook for a LOT of money if it fails… but I have to try.  I really do.  I have to DO something.  It matters.

I can help Amandya to prove to herself that she CAN make the difference she wants to make.  I can help to spread the word that epilepsy isn’t a death sentence.

I’m scared that I will fail.

I’m scared that this will end up being like everything else I’ve been trying to do (/dev/null).

But I’ve never let fear stand in my way before and this really matters.


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