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Okay… so, I figured it was worth a try… why not, it was a free month trial and I would really REALLY like to be able to know where to find her if she has a seizure when she is being a semi-normal teenager and going for a walk or just out sitting next to the creek thinking.

We do not have GPS phones… in hind sight I really REALLY wish I had known then what I know now and I would probably have made different decisions on what phones would be “good”… I looked at the “hey it’s cool” factor rather than… hey, what if someone needs to be found quickly… didn’t even take into account (before I was diagnosed with RA) the fact that I might not really work well with the virtual key board…

I wish SO much I had known how important it would be to be able to find her in case she had a seizure and was unable to answer her phone somewhere because in the aftermath of a seizure she was sleeping off the effects… she is human.  She likes to have something approaching a life.  I really wanted to spend the $10 a month to make sure that I can let her have more freedom… but when I tried the feature, she was sitting her room and the triangulation had her with in .9 miles of half way to the school… which TECHNICALLY was true… but depending on where that was, it could have also been laying face down in the creek or in the woods somewhere in the weeds… not overly helpful.  And from what I’ve seen… this was a good result… some people have a three mile radius… heck, I can GUESS that closely… given how long her legs are and when she left… I can pretty much figure that much.

I don’t know if this would work better if I had a GPS phone…

I don’t have and extra few hundred dollars to buy a new phone to try figure it out… and in 18 months when I can get that phone… she will be nearly old enough to buy her own plan and should have a job that will allow her to do it.

I want desperately for this  feature to help people like Amandya… anyone with seizures or Alzheimer’s or any other condition that would cause them to be unable to locate themselves if they are in trouble.  Eventually I hope that the technology (and our budget) will catch up with what we really need to allow us to have a more normal life…


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  1. sam
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 11:25:38


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