Deep Thoughts on Easter

Do you think she knows that she’s my hero? I don’t really think she does and I know she would never believe me. But when I think I can’t do something I realize that…

1. she believes in me… yeah… a lot of people believe in me and that matters a 15…my guys believe in me and they have believed in me… but she doesn’t believe in a whole lot right now… and she hasn’t really paid much attention to what I’ve done.  Now she does and it seems to matter to her that I am…. that I’m helping her and that I’m there for her and that she can lean on me and rely on me…
2. she deals with  $()% every day and is scared and feels crappy and she does it anyway.  Sometimes she isn’t really happy about doing it and sometimes she fights doing it every step of the way… but she does.
3. She is a very strong individual and because of her I think can do just about anything.  Tonight she’s starting to worry… it’s been 2 weeks she is starting to think that there might be another seizure and she’s worrying and she’s still working on her Biology and her English and she keeps on keeping on.  Puking all over the floor… low grade fever and all… she’s keeps on keeping on.  It makes me feel really bad when I crawl under my rock when I take my MTX and hide…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 01:14:07

    Amandya…? Is she sick? How I wish….


  2. alicorndreams
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 04:24:03

    Hers is pretty much a replay of her last “I feel like crap” day… with the stress of “I wonder when my next one will be” thrown in for good measure. She’s fine… just not feeling great.
    Adam is also crappy… he’s been barking all night long, slept the biggest part of the day yesterday, and was running a 100 degree fever for a while.


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