What do I want people to know most in the world about epilepsy

I went to the interview yesterday with Robyn Vose, the woman who is doing the article for the Round Rock Leader (the article will be out in the April 7th issue… that made me smile, it is a lot like the Allied News from when I was growing up).  The interview was great.  She asked some really thought provoking question.  She talked to Amandya directly and it made Amandya glad that she went.  She doesn’t like that people treat her different and she wants people to know that she is still the same girl she was in December, before her first seizure… just now she has doodie to deal with.

The interview got me thinking… if I could get one point across to everyone in the world (I don’t really know that it applies only to epilepsy but to everything… ) it would be… ASK QUESTIONS.  Ask your doctor if you don’t know something.  Ask people in places like this blog.  Ask people who you know who have epilepsy.  Ask people at information booths.  ASK.  None of us are going to bite your head off if you make the effort to find something out.  Doctor might put you off until he has time to talk to you, but he/she will talk to you about your questions.  Nurses, EEG technicians, radiologists… they will answer your questions.  People in information booths are there to answer your questions… take advantage of them being there.  If they can’t answer you they will tell you that they can’t and they will likely try to find you an answer.

I think, above all, I would say ask the people who are directly impacted (either the person who has epilepsy or the people who love the people who have epilepsy).

Maybe I’m weird.

Okay okay… I KNOW I’m weird… but maybe I’m weird in this instance.  But I really want people to ask questions.  If you don’t ask questions how are you going to learn?  How will you be a good friend? How will you be an effective leader, teacher, preacher, coach, or life guard?

Really… it matters.


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