Round Rock Texas Commits to International Purple Day

Today has been a day of ups and downs.

Down… Squirrel went for a walk today and she texted me that she was scared because she didn’t know exactly where she was.  She told me she was going to the school… so I knew just about where she should be.  That is where she was.  She is still having foggy confused times.  Today was one of them.  I talked to her and got her calmed down.  She described where she was, I talked her into going to sit on the bleachers until she felt less dizzy and more herself.  I picked her up (because of SXSW I got to go home early so we didn’t have to deal with the brutally ugly traffic… so I could pick her up at least an hour early).  She called me when I was half way home asking for 2 double cheeseburgers and french fries and a Dr Pepper.  And she ate them ALL… I was so happy to have her eating… really eating.  I can’t convince her that, if she would eat better and more regularly, she might not have the dizzy fuzzy times or at least not have them quite so often… I can’t get that through her head.  BUT… she did eat, and she ate it all.  It was worth every penny.

That was the down.

The up came way earlier in the day.

I got a call this morning from Round Rock City Council.  I have been ‘invited’ to the March 25th City Council Meeting… They are proclaiming March 26th International Purple Day.  Did it matter what people wear that is purple?  Can it a bandanna, headband,  tie, ribbon, hanky… what does it have to be.  I told her that any thing that will remind people that epilepsy is out there and affects so many people.  The council members are going to make the proclamation and present the proclamation to me and invited me to say a few words about the day and about what it means to me… they invited the Squirrel to be there too… and she is cool with that.

It may not be a town the size of LA or Pittsburgh or Austin or even San Antonio, but it is a start and they are listening.

Next year I will have more time to be able to really get the word out and let people know… maybe hold a purple cupcake bake sale… or maybe make some jewelry… I don’t know… but something bigger… the Squirrel is actually kind of excited about getting the word out there.

She has decided that epilepsy sucks (especially days when she is fuzzy) but maybe it isn’t such a bad thing to have happen to her, it has given her back her real personality (which was missing for most of the school year).  She’s astute.


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