Neurologist Appointment and Possible Purple Day Converts

Well, it was an informative day.  Not overly eventful, but at least I can breathe a small sigh of relief.

Today was our follow up EEG (which turned out to be far less active than the last… due, apparently to the fact that we are 2.5 weeks out from her seizures and we are 2 weeks out on Keppra.  Still there, but less in your face.

We also chatted about the memory issues, the pukies that she has every morning and the dizzy way she feels a lot.  Food will help.  Keppra ER will also be, hopefully, helping as well because she will be taking the one pill a day at night and it won’t hit her system all at once.  Talking, I think, helped her as much as the test results.  We will know, soon, what the blood tests do.

Now, here I sit following up with the doctor’s office, sending them email inviting them to join us in our International Purple day festivities.  I actually have hope in their following up with me given the short time frame.  Dr Reardon’s office has Austin Epilepsy support information on all of their walls so I know they will actually consider joining us.  They also have contact information on the local chapter representative, so I think I will follow up with her, as well.  Maybe I can get them to join in too.

wish me luck.


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