Geeze now it’s hormones?

Last night I had a sneak attack that I should have seen coming…

Mommy… how can I get rid of my periods forever?


Not that I never thought of it, especially at her age… but this wasn’t for the pain in the butt reasons that I expect to come from her (and she does whine a lot about it)… no, this one was because she found out that, when your hormones change (I had to correct her about the timing… it is supposed to be when you ovulate).

Her argument… well, I don’t want kids for at least 3 or 4 years anyway.

That was good to hear…

But she seemed to think it was like a faucet you can turn off and on… not really the case.

I did tell her that “we” would have to start keeping better track (read, you… not JUST mommy) of when hormones are changing… and she rolled her eyes but did admit that it was a good idea.

Sometimes the internet is a good thing, sometimes not so much.  I have harped and harped at this child to read more… I meant more books that are assigned for English class… but at least she is reading and retaining what she is reading…

is this a good thing, or a bad thing?  it scares her… BUT… it does make her think and she is taking an active part in her condition.


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