International Purple Day Writing

Yesterday’s writing went into trying to get the work out to local officials, the Round Rock Leader and some of the representatives in Washington.  I sent out a slew of emails (and I will send out a bunch more today, if I get my “HAVE” to be done by noon work done on time… fortunately right now I’m at a “watch things unzip” point so I can get a little time to catch up).

I am actually hoping (stupid probably, I know) to hear back from anyone I wrote to.  I’ve tried the Round Rock Leader before for publicizing ROTC events and I never seem to hear back from them.  I wrote the editor yesterday… maybe I will go for the publisher or someone else on the staff today.

I emailed the mayor, too.  That felt totally weird.  I had to sit through a council meeting for boyscouts several years ago and that is the closest to even local government I’ve gotten since the form letter turning me down in 7th grade for the president to attend something we were doing.  It is creepy…when I do activist, I do it from a distance… but this is so important… not just for Amandya, but because there are so many kids out there who will be diagnosed who’s schools may not know what to do for them… who’s community doesn’t know what to do for them… heck… who’s parents may not know what to do for them.  And the look that people get on their face when you say epilepsy…

It IS scary,   especially if you watch a seizure, even a small one… but they are sill the people you knew a week ago.  Nothing has changed fundamentally… they just have seizures and a condition that makes them a little different.  They are the people who you knew yesterday before you knew they had epilepsy.

I’ve now made it my mission to not only have purple day, but a purple life.  One person at a time, one school at a time… spread the word that you don’t have to be scared of a seizure, or of the person having a seizure… arm people with information… wipe out fear.


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