The End of Our First Week

Well, here we are… the end of our first week.  It is hard to believe that only one week ago we were completely unaware of the fact that we would be affected by epilepsy.

It has been a long long week.

Squirrel is taking her diagnosis hard.  I know that it is to be expected at this point… but it is hard to watch.  She thinks that all of her dreams of combat soldier are over… and they may be… I don’t know… but that is a few years down the road.

Now, we are trying to get her body to adjust to the Keppra.  It is making her dizzy and make her feel like she’s going to throw up.  She sleeps with the garbage can by her bed so if she does throw up it won’t be all over everything.  So far, it is just a feeling she has, but not ‘real’.  The neurologist did adjust her meds just a little (hopefully now she won’t be half falling down the steps every time she goes down the stairs… ) so now she is taking 500 mg (half a tablet) every night… in a week, we add in the other half pill in as a morning dose after a week.  We are going to be working up so her little body can work up to accepting the full dose… now, time will tell.


How do you help someone adjust to the fact that they may have another seizure but they may never have another one and they need to be able to have their own life… live it… and only know that epilepsy is part of what makes them… them… it does not define the total person?

That is the one I’m trying to work out now.


Our ever so wonderful library has ONE book on the shelf about epilepsy (it is right up there with the RA books… not there).  Anyone have any suggestions on NON-textbooks… but books not targeted at 5 year olds, either.  If there are 1 in a hundred people with epilepsy and many of them are over 10… heck over 20 or 30 when they are diagnosed… there has to be something worth while out there to read… somewhere???? maybe???

ah well… time to bath… grab coffee and start working on today’s homemade soup.


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