Well, Here I am

I decided that separate my journey through trying to get ME well and healthy (figmentoffitness.wordpress.com) from trying to help my daughter through her journey into dealing with epilepsy.

How did we get here?

January 26th 2010 she had her first episode.  It was after school.  She was found (still don’t know how she was found or by whom or who turned her in to the school police guy) in the parking lot unconscious.  The EMTs said she was awake and alert when they called me on her cell phone and they were transferring her to the ER.  The ER said everyone gets one get out of jail free card and this was hers.  They wouldn’t medicate, they did a CAT scan, blood work and urine analysis… and sent her home.  Follow up with PCP the next day (which I did).  They sent her to neurologist (who I was totally unimpressed with when DS had to go to him) who said it was probably just a fainting spell… they did an EKG and scheduled an EEG for the following month (March, by this time).

Time passed… 

Sunday February 21, 2010… 

she was sitting on the steps talking to DS.  He came to find me… told me he wanted me to see if she was just messing with him or if something was really wrong.  By the time we got from one side of the house (living room) to the other (front door by steps) she was no longer on the second step up, she was on the floor, arms and legs stiff and flailing, face contorted, chewing and smiling… eyes rolled up into her head, drooling on the floor.

turns out the January one probably wasn’t just passing out.

She started to answer questions… when she did she told me she was 13 (she’s really 15) and in 8th grade (she’s in 10th).  Into the car and hurry off to the ER.  They put her in a room and she started to come around.  They called her neurologist… who said follow up next day to schedule an EEG and sent her home.

We got to the car and made it 1.5 miles to the stop light and she seized again.  Same look and feel as the first one…. or I guess the second one… 

back to the ER… where they put her back in the same room she was in before (still dirty) took chest x-rays and transferred her to children’s hospital.


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